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glo is pleased to host an installation and live action for one-day only by our founder, Lauri Stallings,  at Hulsey Yards, a unique space located on the sub-continental divide, composed recently of hundreds of railroad cars. Stallings is the first artist to work on a site-based project at this unique space, created in 1832 by Georgia Railroad and Banking Company. Angel, angel, angel of history, hiding in plain sight, will activate the northern most end of the Yard with glo moving artists Phaemonae Brooks, Kristina Brown, Christina Hiroko Kelly, Noelle Dave’, MaryJane Pennington, and Mechelle Tunstall. Rehabilitation, open, and more-than-human can be found as narrative strands. We invite you to come and experience as long as you’d like this stimulating work in this one-of-a-kind setting.  The moving artists are like birds in a forest who communicate with one another whether you’re present or not. With the mere presence of women bodies, unaccompanied by music and without a set, Stallings allows new spaces to emerge for alternative modes of thinking. You have been here before. Did you find what you were looking for?

Valentines Day 2020

Free and public for all

Questions? Write us at info@gloatl.org