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People Parade: High Museum of Art Choreography Residency

Friday, August 16, 2019 | 12:30 pm – 1:15 pm

High Museum of Art | Green space adjacent to Siffy Plaza

Free & Public

Lauri Stallings and glo invites the Atlanta community to join them on the grass of the High Museum for weekly People Parades. Stallings is passionate about how dance can be a form of demonstration, with or without words, suggesting a potential dialogue that may or may not occur. She constructs People Parades as an invitation for people to come together in a public place to sit, skip, stand, kneel, walk-in 2’s, prance, waltz, spin, shuffle, make footwork, be still, and twist. Stallings seeks to articulate, through community movement, the deep soul of the individual. She believes that movement with a social conscience is a critical component in creating group empathy and goodwill. Nomadic and free. People Parades are 45-minutes long and take place outside, in the green space adjacent to the Siffy Plaza. You can come and go as you’d like.

Email us with your questions at info@gloatl.org.