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Project Description

lost loose and loved

land art

lost loose and loved is a land art piece utilizing native Southern wildflowers that represent diversity, green justice, and hope,  on a sloping, yet-to-be developed Midtown property. This site-specific micro prairie is an invitation to join with community and feed our consciousness through the art of choreography and enacting social duties related to place, the body, and environment.

glo has been commissioned by Dewberry Group and its charitable arm, Dewberry Foundation, to map the 2.5 acre site with wildflowers to rise up through summer. On September 10, a trio of Georgia moving artists and musicians will serenade its flowers and human listeners with Olivier Messiaen’s  Vingt Regards sur lâEnfant-JÃsus. 

“Coinciding with this strange, painful period, glo’s band of women-our creator, moving artists, and Writing + Praxis Lead curator-offer a different perspective for our return to our practice. When we do space, we do time. When we do glo, we enact space. When we glo, we do form. When we do form, we also bring context. All these things are inseparable, and bring us closer to our essential relationship and spiritual yearnings for Planet Earth as the home of humankind.”

Since June 1, 37 wildflower. varieties of local heirloom, GM0-free seeds from nurseries in Georgia and North Carolina have been sown, with the generous support from the Dewberry team. As the wildflowers grow, bouquets will be harvested and donated to local essential workers who have, since March 15, received thousands of masks,  hand sewn and delivered by glo, as part of our CARE initiative. 

We are giving our artists, friends and community the flowers while they’re here with us. And while this doesn’t solve the longstanding issues of racism and oppression, it feels good to know we hold and love each other.

Original seed packets using photographs of our collage works in situ, and poetry, are now available to you. glo welcomes and leads a highly demonstrative act that upholds the value of social and environmental arts as a gesture of introduction to our return, with one of our most sophisticated tools in this transformational moment, live art.

As a Southern, women artist-centered platform, we glo, dedicate ourselves to empathy, ideas and discourse concerned with the South’s civil rights and war legacy; how they are remembered in our bodies, and how gesture and resistance are passed down. Choreography is our self-consistent tool box for this tough stuff, asking who can lay claim to the South? Who gets to dance?


Glo Seed packets here


17th & Peachtree Street, Atlanta
June 30, 2020-ongoing
Free and public
Join us for our return to Live Art on
Thursday, Sept 10, 2020