Gathering relations among beautiful strangers to elevate new communities

Our Civic Actions emerge out of seven years of community relationship building that endeavors to incite movements of compassion in direct sensuous reality for the revitalization of a new South.  Civic Actions were localized in Georgia the first couple of years and then glo opened up our ideas of what community is. The shift attracted all kinds of neighborhoods in the U.S., and abroad, invested in choreography as a toolbox addressing the conviction that bodies of information stored in the daily lives of people are art. 

Participation in the Civic Actions has grown from 4,500 in 2013 to over 64,000 in 2019. According to past surveys, more than 64% of participants earn less than the median household income, and is comprised of people of all ages, backgrounds, and ability.

Year-round, communities of advocates, educators, artists, activists, and preservationists come together to construct working residencies with glo. Residencies have grown from 4–6 days, to 3–8 months, to long-term projects. This fall we awaken to the imminent possibility of a world full of radical sharing, listening, and freedom.

The idea is to foster the creative power in meeting beautiful strangers to initiate a dialogue between history, culture, social structures and dreams.

Each civic action is self-initiated and self-organized by a local team. The organizing of an initiative in itself is an exercise in courage and collaboration. The collective efforts between glo and the local team results in visualization, place identity, and resourcing of the dozens of in-school Movement Choirs, MAPPING, and Listening Parlors that shape a residency.

What holds together all of the initiatives, spaces and people is a common goal in what we call “social movement.” Social movement is any collaborative process that uses choreography as a tool to address environmental, economic, social and spiritual revitalization.

Movement building beyond the Creative Catalog of Civic Actions

Every year we face a series of awakenings and opportunities. As a result, the work of glo’s Creative Catalog of Civic Actions changes constantly, and there is no fixed formula for how we do this work. But embedded into every residency are a set of principles, which glo has infused from our platform after years of embracing failure, and deep listening. These principles are threaded throughout every generative project and offered to every citizen in the world.